About Us

EvenTickets.com.au (ABN: 48 107 106 470)

A brand that strives to ensure that our organizers/patrons be the first to get the best entertainment in Australia.

Since the very inception of the idea of providing people with a system that allows them to book events online hassle free, our team has been going about the idea day and night. Not only regular events, but also movie shows and other glamour oriented gatherings. We aspire to see our customers investing time with their families and friends rather than going bonkers about having to wait their brains off in everlasting queues. What fun could waiting in seemingly endless queues bring, right!? That is why EvenTickets is here for you.

Our Motto

Over a detailed analysis with the help of best media industry experts, we have derived precisely what would amaze you the most. When we rolled out on this venture, we were highly concerned about our consumer's interests. Alongside this, identifying the right blend of entertainment factors was imperative to our goal. We wanted to connect our patrons with best events, movie shows, night parties, exhibitions, stand-ups and other miscellaneous performances.

Organizers/Promoters are welcome...

Not only patrons, but we also welcome event organizers with open arms. If you want to organize an event/conference/workshops through EvenTickets, you seem to be at the perfect place. At EvenTickets, we provide you with a wide range of time slots which itself is an event booster. Additionally, you get promoted to a large bracket of populous which automatically increases the chances of your event being a hit which in turn will increase your brand value. Isn't that great, eh!?

With you being an aspiring event organizer, we will introduce you to the most active and enthusiastic audience. By joining hands with us, we will make sure that you become a hot target for the viewers.

The Crew

With the aim of realizing what could help our consumers be at unthinkable ease, our team departed from a dream and arrived at an exceptional reality. The reality of Ticket booking made a child's play. Whether it is movies, concerts, public events et cetera. Furthermore, we have put in immense amount effort which speaks for itself. Our team converted days into nights and nights into days in order to arrive at a one stop solution for our patrons as well as blooming event organizers. Besides, we have created a website that seems highly interactive and is easy to use. Our development team made sure that EvenTickets turned out to be full of graphics that would keep our users engaged. It seems as if we have put up the best possible yet so classic interface for our users.

For your convenience, our technical staff is always at your disposal. For any term related queries, you can reach us on:

Phone: +61435 008 768, +61425 100 444

Customers: info@eventickets.com.au (Preferred)

Organizer/Promoter: admin@eventickets.com.au

Monday to Friday between 9 to 6pm.

Emergency: Please click on contact us and follow the instructions.

Protocol & Features

At EvenTickets.com.au, we intend to operate in a wide variety of manners. Some of them being mainly Ticket booking for movies, Stand-up comedy shows, cultural events, conferences, workshops, promotional events to name a few. Our strong front being as follows:

  1. We provide the best platform for newcomer as well as established event organizers.
  2. You get the best probability of finding irresistible deals and discounts.
  3. We are diversely rich in terms of artists and programs targeting audiences for all age groups.
  4. Tie ups with Tier-1 organizations to provide you with top performances and premium quality content.
  5. Continuous research as per customer feedback which enables us to filter and suggest the most relatable and desirable content.
  6. Special deals and bonus content for our loyal customers.
  7. User friendly website interface.