EvenTickets can host all type of events like Music Concerts, Comedy Shows, Sports, Conferences, Seminars, movies, stand-ups, club nights, celebrity gatherings et cetera.
EvenTickets Logo is Home Button, Please click or tap on EvenTickets Logo and it will direct you to the EvenTickets Home Page.
An E-Ticket is a digital copy or print of system generated Ticket which can be printed at the end of purchase from the website for all the events hosted on EvenTickets website.
You can print your E-Ticket/s at the end of the successful transaction/purchase on EvenTickets or link will be sent to your provided email at the time of purchase or saved in your account. We strongly recommend to print your tickets as soon as the transaction is successful and keep safe with you for event date.
You can print your E-ticket any time in the future using the Print Link sent to your provided email. We strongly recommend to print your tickets as soon as the transaction is successful and keep safe with you for event date. With no Guarantee, If you have an account on EvenTickets, simply provide your email address which you used to purchase your ticket and date of transaction and total number of tickets purchased and we may be able to send you your ticket copies on your email.
EvenTickets offer discounted prices based on the event correspondence from time to time. It helps avoiding long queues in front of box offices at event site and QR code scanner on your event E-ticket helps to minimize the chances of duplicate or fraud tickets.
The ticket price and discounts are controlled by the event organizer. So, we recommend you to buy your tickets in advance and avoid disappointment close to the event date.
No, there are no hidden charges applicable. Please always check payable amount figure before paying your ticket on EvenTickets website.
You will receive the E-Ticket shortly after the payment is successful through credit card or Paypal. If you do not receive your ticket within 5 minutes of successful payment, please feel free to contact EvenTickets Support +61 435 008768 or +61 425 100 444.
No, there is no limit in purchasing total number of tickets depends on availability but you can only purchase maximum 10 tickets per transaction.
It will be clearly mentioned in event details if there is any age limit to a particular event, please read event details carefully before purchasing the ticket. EvenTickets will not be responsible for refund if you do not comply with age restrictions given on event details posted on EvenTickets.
You can purchase tickets using your PayPal Account or American Express, Mastercard, VISA, Discover credit cards. Sorry, no other form of payment is accepted on EvenTickets.

It’s the normal process to select your seats and pay for them using PayPal. At last, click on Return to Seller’s Website or Return to Merchant’s website button and your tickets will get generated and ready for print on EvenTickets Website. Your tickets will be emailed to your given email address shortly and can be printed from the link sent to your email.

Yes,Our utmost priority to provide our customers with a safe and impenetrable interface. In order to ensure a smooth conduct of website browsing and secure transactions, we have installed a SSL Security (Web Hosting Provider) that in addition supports user profile management and impartial & secure distribution of user data. Every transaction on EvenTickets is secured through Payment Gateway that ensures a safe and glitch free conduct of transactions.

There are two ways organizer can create an event on EvenTickets:

1. New Organizer/Promoter Account

Please follow the below easy steps to create your event:

  • Create Organizer/Promoter Account on Signup Page
  • Login to your Account
  • Create your Event (Event Name length must be less than 50 characters)
  • Sign the Contract with EvenTickets
  • Wait for EvenTickets Approval
  • Congratulations, Your Event is LIVE
2. Existing Organizer/Promoter Account

  • Login to your Account
  • Create your Event (Event Name length must be less than 50 characters)
  • May Need to Sign Contract with EvenTickets
  • Wait for EvenTickets Approval
  • Congratulations, Your Event is LIVE

Organizer/Promoter can create his/her event within minutes and then it will be sent to EvenTickets Support for verification. As soon as the EvenTickets verify the event details, it will be approved or further discussed with Promoter/Organizer. If Organizer followed all terms and conditions and privacy policy of EvenTickets while creating an event on EvenTickets then it will be approved quickly.

NOTE: In both cases, organizer/promoter may have to sign separate contract with EvenTickets. Organizer/Promoter can sign one single contract which will be applicable to all his events advertised/created/hosted on EvenTickets. If Organizer would like to change the plan (Flat, Standard, Custom) then separate contract needs to be signed by both parties (Organizer and EvenTickets).It's an Organizer/Promoter moral responsibility that he/she must use accepted standard of respectable and satisfactory language and related official event you tube video's link while posting an event from his/her account. EvenTickets has full rights to delete/drop/remove all/any objectionable content uploaded by the organizer if the content/video link is objectionable in any shape or form and EvenTickets official not happy to publish it. Before removing the content/video, it will be discussed with the Organizer/Promoter. On EvenTickets official discretion, multiple chances of uploading questionable or objectionable material during event upload will lead to banning the promoter's account from future use.

Please contact your credit card provider for further information on the declined card or use different card/PayPal account for completing the purchase.
Please drop an email on feedback@eventickets.com.au or in case you have any concern about current or past events organized by us. It may take some time to respond back depending on the EvenTickets Support Availability but we will try to respond as soon as possible.
No. EvenTickets sell online tickets for events like Music Concerts, Comedy Shows, Sports, Conferences, Seminars, movies, stand-ups, club nights, celebrity gatherings et cetera.
Please carefully read EvenTickets Exchange & Refund Policy before purchasing the ticket. Circumstances where the event organiser agrees, a refund could be made after deducting booking charges (if any) per ticket that varies depending on the event and ticket price.
Your E-Ticket can be scanned with QR Code Scanner which could be downloaded from App Store. The fields will be printed in sequence as follows: Event Name, Date, Ticket Number, Seat Number, Category, Price, Section Number
Please call us directly on +61435008768 or +61425100444 or send an email to posterwebdesign@eventickets.com.au which will directly sent to our poster design team and poster design team will contact the organizer shortly. Organizer must select from the given poster design packages on the Poster and Website Design Page.
Please call us directly on +61 435 008 768 or +61 425 100 444 or send details on posterwebdesign@eventickets.com.au and our website design team will contact shortly.
Yes, there is a special page Ad & Offers which provides an opportunity to businesses to advertise and give offers on their business via EvenTickets. Please contact +61435008768 or +61425100444 or send an email to admin@eventickets.com.au This feature may be a paid feature on EvenTickets.
Yes, you can post your photos with celebrities in organizers with celebrities' page. Please call us to discuss further. This may be a paid feature.

Available: seats that are ready to be purchased by customer.

Selected: seats that customer shortlisted and wants to purchase for the event. Customer hold/lock the seat/s for 10 minutes only.

Locked: seats that were selected by another session/customer and may be available when user refresh his/her browser or in 10minutes, if not purchased or un-selected by another customer who hold the selected seats.

Sold: seats that are fully paid and tickets generated for the customer.

No fee for free entry events. It’s a free entry event so no provision to generate tickets for free entry events. Organizer will need to sign a contract with EvenTickets.

Small Theatre: Small theatre is a theatre/hall where seats are divided into rows e.g A to Z rows or AA to ZZ rows.

Large/Big Theatre: Large Theatre is a theatre/hall where seats are divided into rows (A to Z, AA to ZZ) and rows are further divided into sections (can be numbers or combination of 4 characters).

Seat Allotment: It means there is a provision of sitting plan arrangements and seats are numbered and divided into rows or further divided into sections and single seat is assigned to each individual or person e.g theatre musical concert event, etc.

No Seat Allotment: It means there may be no provision for sitting plan arrangements or seats are not numbered or standing event e.g outdoor event with no sitting arrangements, etc.

Original Amount: Original Ticket price, before applying discount coupon.

Payable Amount: Net amount to be paid, after applying discount coupon, if any available.

Yes, simply email us on: unsubscribe@eventickets.com.au and we will remove your details from our mailing list.