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Australia’s Elite Online Ticketing and Event Management Platform

EvenTickets is an elite online box office with our major fronts being music concerts, movies, stand-ups, conference, workshops, sports, club nights, celebrity gatherings et cetera. EvenTickets is a host to event organizers. We maintain a medium that mutually serves both artists and organizers. We have created a one stop online entertainment solution for you - EvenTickets.

EvenTickets provides a platform that promotes and advertise events online. If you are an event organizer, you are sure to experience an exemplary model of event organizing. Our aim is to provide our organizers with a system that is both impactful as well as highly efficient and ensured of their respective event(s) being effectively promoted and advertised on website, face book and other media.

We invariably look forward to cultivate a compilation of a wide range of events from varying backgrounds and ethnicities. Our utmost priority to provide our customers with a safe and impenetrable interface. In order to ensure a smooth conduct of website browsing and secure transactions, we have installed a SSL Security (Web Hosting Provider) that in addition supports user profile management and impartial & secure distribution of user data. Every transaction on EvenTickets is secured through Payment Gateway that ensures a safe and glitch free conduct of transactions. EvenTickets frequently backs up user information, visitor information and website data so that we can research and optimize our website to work better.

We have aimed to provide simplicity and flexibility within our website. Few of our easy services to organizers and users/patrons:

  • Personalize User and Promoter/Organizer Accounts.
  • Organizers can easily create and post their events online in minutes.
  • Latest discount vouchers subject to event correspondence.
  • Online reporting from organizer and user account.
  • Poster and Website Design.
  • Advertise your event or business on EvenTickets.
Think Entertainment. Think EvenTickets.

Australia’s Elite Online Ticketing and Event Management Platform – EvenTickets.

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