Privacy Policy

In Reference to the Australian Privacy Amendment Act 2012.

At EvenTickets, we do keep a record of every guest or user account transaction made on the website. We maintain our user data records in order to see to several factors such as user identity, credibility and user traffic monitoring for future and past references. We are only allowed to access any user information upon website terms and complementary consent of the user.


Furthermore, for payment related matters, we do refer to your Name, Credit Card Number, Billing address, user location and other Contact details which only is made accessible to us upon your participation. EvenTickets intends to never misuse your personal information. Moreover, following this protocol, we are able to send you emails detailing your past payments and e-receipts. Alongside this, Subscribing or registering to EvenTickets, you allow us to send you our periodic Newsletters and latest entertainment notifications which can also be unsubscribed depending upon your personal preference.

Additionally, in order to co operate with the Australian law enforcement in certain scenarios, we reserve the right to share your profile details or co-operate with the law enforcement.


In a scenario where it becomes necessary for the customer service desk to forward or confirm a certain information, it becomes mandatory for us to provide them with the specifics of your profile. Therefore, it is of high significance that our users learn about this fact. Moreover, EvenTickets also has the authority to disclose your information to the concerned event managers, artists, venue owners et cetera. We have an absolutely strict covenant with all the units associated with any event that falls under our jurisdiction. That is the promoters, artists, security teams, event managers, sponsors et cetera.

Similarly, by providing you with services, we become ethically enabled to impart requisite credentials of our customers to our subsidiaries or/and parent alliances, which of course is concluded with respect to subsequent organization policies. 

Our partners

Additionally, user credentials may also be required by several parties of interest such as our Banking Partners, Merchants, Event Organizers or Other Sellers, associated Bookkeepers et cetera.

Covenant and Subsidiaries

We would also like you to acknowledge that we as an unit have certain tie ups with many operational bodies such as promotional websites and other supporting third party links which is already an integrated module in our website. Apart from this, we are obligated to operate with other working  bodies like monetary institutions, consulting partners, business associates and other parent  and subsidiaries. All of which are completely empowered by the privacy policy of their respective handlings to come into possession of any user data that we share with them.


We recommend you to allow cookies in order to experience the complete features of our website. On the contrary, you will be able to use our website but may not enable yourself to the wholeness of our website's attributes.

Cookie application:

Usage of cookies becomes inevitable when longing for the best website browsing. Cookies help us remember your preferences over certain segments in the website. Therefore, we instantly provide you with any facts that you might try to access about the same. It means that cookies not only provide a better degree of website interface but also, it is an efficient manner of operating in which our clients can be at ease.

When you choose to enable cookies, they act as a mutual medium for us as well as for you. We in turn are able to impart the best deals/offers onto your account. Most importantly, this phenomenon allows us to confirm a legitimate user and prevent fraudulent activities. Furthermore, it increases the security on both user end and our end manifolds.

Security measures

EvenTickets has implemented SSL Certificates that provide the highest levels of industry standard security to conduct safe, secure eCommerce transactions, protect passwords, credit card numbers and most importantly, to secure your customer's information.

As for inactive or terminated users, we may still access their user information in order to comply with certain laws and associated authorities. Probing further, this enables us to eliminate the possibility of any sort or degree of conjecture that seems to be anyhow present in our database. Hence, we are entitled to provide the following services corresponding to a suitable execution method provided within the law.

  • In a scenario where our user may lose his/her EvenTickets ID or other related credentials, we may verify and help a user retrieve his EvenTickets account by accessing his/her user details.
Anti Fraudulent Dynamics
  • By gaining complete access to a patron’s provided personal information, we are able to determine their credibility and hence we arrive at an ease in recognizing a fraudulent individual/group.
  • By agreeing to share your personal data, you enable yourself to have access to every feature and service provided on EvenTickets. However, not choosing to agree to these terms may not allow users to obtain the full privilege of our services.
Subject to change

Irrespective of date, time or place, we may modify our privacy policy depending upon our company statistics or any distinct changes that may present themselves through a channel of law. This may happen amidst a change introduced by the concerning regulatory bodies.


As a reviewing consumer, your evaluation of our work acts as a testament to our growth and betterment. Therefore, we may have your assessment of us exhibited under our testimonial section which remains accessible to all users. It will also be helpful for us to relate or help you with any transactions involving your peers/acquaintances by obtaining your personal information such as email, contact no., name, billing address, personal preferences and other useful information. Moreover, it will serve as a great assistance for us in order to set appropriate suggestions for you. This protocol helps us in identifying and targeting the right audience with the most accurate content available.

However, if you would like us to take your review of us down for you, we will be more than happy to address your concern. Stating your concern you could write to us at (email). Following which we will handle it as soon as possible. 

Contact Us

Any privacy related queries, please drop an email to the below address:

EvenTickets reserve the right to change the privacy policy in accordance to the Australian Privacy Amendment Act 2012. We urge all our website users/patrons/organizers to read the privacy policy before using EvenTickets or submitting any transaction on EvenTickets.