Terms and Conditions


Using EvenTickets.com.au, Patron/Customer/Organizer/User AGREES (by default) to all terms and conditions as below:


EvenTickets is an online ticketing platform for booking tickets of various events which includes music concerts, movies, comedy shows, drama..etc.

Who's who

Organizer/Organiser Event Creators or Event Owners

We, us EvenTickets.com.au

Third Party All other patrons which includes but not limited to ogranizers/organiser/user/customer/promoter/businesses/companies..etc using the EvenTickets.com.au services

Intellectual Property

EvenTickets takes intellectual property rights seriously. EvenTickets reserve the copyrights on all written text, videos, recordings, photos, logos..etc) on EvenTickets.com.au.

Third Party

All content including (text, logos, design, poster, graphics, images, videos, music, sound files, photos) and other content relating to an event is provided by Organizers or third party.

In good faith that it infringes other party's(indiviual, business or company) copyright or trademark rights - written notice must be provided with sufficient information and if valid, the allegedly infringing material will be removed(or appropriate action) from EvenTickets website.

Notice Email: admin@eventickets.com.au

No refund

Upon booking of any event, EvenTickets will not entertain any request for a patron (third party) asking for a refund. Under special or Organizer's out of control circumstances has all rights to cancel or postpone event, refunds (if applicable) under applicable law must be refunded directly by Organizer of the Event.


EvenTickets holds exclusive right to sell tickets for a signed contract for an event unless or otherwise stated in the Contract. All terms and conditions must be in writing and in the contract signed by both parties (EvenTickets and Organizer)

Ticket Price

All Tickets sold on EvenTickets includes GST (where applicable) and in Australian Currency(AUD). EvenTickets reserve the right to change any ticket prices due to any/all reasons which includes increase in cost, tax, exchange rate levy, duty or third party processing charges such as but not limited to PAYPAL, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX..etc. Special Ticket Pricing will only be entertained based on Special Ticket Pricing written agreement between the concerned (EvenTickets, Organizer and Customer) parties.


EvenTickets will not assist any request seeking the transfer of a show and will not validate the ticket for a show or event other than the booked show.

Ticket Delivery

EvenTickets is an online ticketing system so all tickets purchased will be emailed to the provided email address or user account. No provision for hard copy delivery in any case or EvenTickets discretion.


EvenTickets do not entail the service of ensuring that the premises are in good taste.

Website acknowledgement

We as a unit do not claim error free website. However, this cannot be referred to as website faliure.

Third Party Websites

Although EvenTickets does include in its website several links to third party websites, but it does not guarantee over any content provided in these websites.

Ticket Posession

In order for you to be able to allow inside the premise corresponding to your ticket, you must be able to produce a hard or soft copy of a valid ticket at the entrance for verification purposes.


You are advised to kindly bear with the security personnel at the venue while they frisk you for security reasons.

Lost Items

Any matter pertaining to lost items cannot be taken up with EvenTickets. Under no circumstances, EvenTickets is liable for any and all losses, if any.


Entry in Venue subject to venue's terms and conditions. Upon entry, Patron(s) agree to Venue's terms and conditions and found mishandling or damaging the venue property may be dealt with required severity by the venue authorities or can even be taken up with the local police. EvenTickets holds no responsibility whatsoever for Venue conditions. Electronic items such as Cameras, projectors, sound system can be taken inside premises based on Venue's terms and conditions and Venue Organizers and Oranizer's approval.


The event organizer holds the authority to change the order of the performing artists or plays at any time. EvenTickets offers no guarantee that the artists will perform LIVE during the show as displayed on the poster. All matters related to artists may be taken to Organizer directly however organizer of the event reserves all rights to add, withdraw or change any/all artists for the event.

Delay in Arrival

Delayed arrival at the venue may lead to delayed seating which would only be entertained during an interval. A delayed arrival may also lead to a change in the seating plan of the concerned customer.


EvenTickets provides a platform that promotes and advertise events online. We provide our patrons with the latest musical gatherings, concerts, conferences, workshops, movies and advertise artist albums but In case the patron finds the event to be of a bad taste, he/she may refer to the organizer for a ticket refund. EvenTickets will not be answerable to any such requests. EvenTickets advises you to maintain the decorum of the event otherwise you may be barred from future events as well.


Any sort of misconduct or aggressive or abusive behavior on your part may lead to a permanent ban on your profile and/or a fine registered with the local police authorities.


EvenTickets use first and third party cookies. Patron(s) must understand the definition of cookies before using EvenTickets and agree with the use of Cookies on EvenTickets.com.au.

Statutory Rights

All terms and conditions do not affect patron(s) statutory rights and subject to change without prior notice.

Organizer Payments

Organizer's payment should be made within 14 business days (14 days starts from next business day of expired/completed/post event date) following our payment policy to the organizer. However, we endeavor to process the payment as soon as the event expires but not more than 14 days unless it's out of control of EvenTickets.com.au and will be notified to the organizer in writing. Detailed Report will be provided to the organizer on his provided email. Hard Copy sent via courier or post will incur additional charges.


All terms and conditions enquiries must be sent in writing to:

Email: admin@eventickets.com.au

Phone: +61435 008 768, +61425 100 444


NOTE: EvenTickets has/keep all rights to change or alter the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice on EvenTickets.com.au